“X” Still Marks the Spot

From Greg Palast, Investigative Reporter:

In July 2005, Van Heerden told Channel 4 television of Britain that, “In a month, this city could be underwater.” In one month, it was.  Van Heerden had sounded the alarm for at least two years, even speaking to George Bush’s White House about an emergency condition:  with the Gulf closing in, the levees were 18 inches short.  But the Army Corps of Engineers was busy with other rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates.

Read it all at Greg Palast or watch an interview with Thom Hartmann below:

Meanwhile, a review in November 11, 2005 of Science Magazine, suggested that rather than simply not built to withstand a storm of Katrina’s ferocity, engineers said poor design or construction of the levees bears much of the blame.

Calgary flooding could force up to 100,000 from homes

The Extinction Protocol

June 21, 2013CANADAAs many as 100,000 residents of Calgary, Alberta, could face evacuation because of flooding, the director of emergency management said early Friday. Mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for 20 communities, Bruce Burrell said. Parts of southern Alberta face rising floodwaters and the possibility of more rain. The levels of the Bow and Elbow rivers are expected to peak overnight, but not drop until late Saturday at the earliest, he said. “I have never experienced any flooding of this magnitude,” he added. There have been no initial reports of deaths or injuries. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said military assets, including helicopters, have been deployed to assist local emergency officials with rescue and evacuation efforts. “Our thoughts and prayers are with those families who have been affected by the serious flooding in Calgary and Southern Alberta,” Harper said, adding that “any and all possible…

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Biblical Chronology

In Chapters 5 and 6 of the the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, Moses details the genealogy of Adam through Seth and allows us to calculate the chronology of the antedeluvian generations:



Years from Creation of Man (DOB)

Adam Day 6 of Creation Year “0”
Adam had Seth (3rd-born male but promised in place of Abel) when he was 130 years old. 0 + 130 Year 130
Seth had Enos when he was 105 (and Adam was 235). 130 + 105 Year 235
Enos had Cainan when he was 90 (and Adam was 325). 235 + 90 Year 325
Cainan had Mahaleel when he was 70 (and Adam was 395). 325 + 70 Year 395
Mahaleel had Jared when he was 65 (and Adam was 460). 395 + 65 Year 460
Jared had Enoch when he was 162 (and Adam was 622). 460 + 162 Year 622
Enoch had Methuselah when he was 65 (and Adam was 687). 622 + 65 Year 687
Methuselah had Lamech when he was 187 (and Adam was 874). 687 + 187 Year 874
Adam lived to 930 years old. 0 + 930 Year 930
Lamech had Noah when he was 182. 874 + 182 Year 1056
The Great Flood occurred when Noah was 600 years old [Gen 7:6] 1056 + 600 Year 1656

1656 years had passed from the Creation of Adam until the Great Flood.