A Pathological December

December GEOPOLITIC It was a hot and dry end to the year in the antipodes — but it will be remembered as cold and glum, a despotic milieu too heavy to emulate in word: in a month of global relations' rapidly cooling. It was a month which saw the retaking of Mosul stall; a month revelatory for building an imperial base in the Holy Land; and a month of missile installations in Russia. But it was … Continue reading A Pathological December

Forty Nine Days

November GEOPOLITIC    Caution is advised against getting carried away with assuming Mr Trump's election will be associated with a standing down of NATO in Eastern Europe. That type of thinking, unfortunately, is either premature (possibly immature), ill-conceived, or both. Firstly, his inauguration is not until 21st January — that's another 49 days for the current administration to still have its … Continue reading Forty Nine Days

The Last Trump — July Geopolitical

Geopolitical Wrap – July, 2016 There were the yellow-caps and there were the brown-shirts. And the Cleveland Convention brought the impending split, Colorado walking out. They returned in time for "copy-gate", before Cruz deflated Pence. The conclusion in Florida was emphatic, Mrs Clinton presumably playing both hard and cute at the same time: Love trumps hate! (After that moment, "love, Trump hates" kept ringing in my ear … Continue reading The Last Trump — July Geopolitical

Don’t call them Arabs

Monthly Geopolitical Wrap – June 2016 Oil and Famine Two power outages in a day is all the confirmation a Libyan needs that summer has arrived. [Hmm ... smells like Caracas.] And for a series of months now, bank withdrawals have been heavily limited. [Sure smells like Caracas.] Benghazi or Caracas? Take your pick. [Just don't call them Arabs.] Admittedly, the root … Continue reading Don’t call them Arabs