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The Queen and I?

I know we have a queen – and God bless her. But the monarchy I am subject has a King on the throne. He is my Lord.



Works or Faith? Law or Grace? By what are we justified? And how are we saved?

Jesus came to fulfil the law, and in so doing also ushered in the New Covenant: Justification by him; Salvation through him; Faith in him.

Both deliverance and atonement were consecrated at the Cross. The ancient world looked forward as the modern world looks back, to the cross. Indeed across the whole span of time, we commit (and recommit) sin that has been paid in full.

Jesus is King, he is Saviour; Jesus is Lord.

Some within the church have reduced him to a little baby or a beaten corpse. He was both, but is neither – He is the Lamb of God and the King of the World and when he returns to earth with the sword in his mouth to smite the wicked the heavens will sing as one in His name.

Yeshua – Prince of Peace, King of Kings, the Great I Am.

He Da Man

Jesus was a very loving person by definition (son of God) and by all accounts.

But many preachers seem to espouse an overly ‘soft’ nature to him that I am not sure is completely accurate.

Jesus was loving and great. But one thing the gospels show is that he was nobody’s fool. He was well read, intelligent and sharp. And he was ready to call a spade a shovel and not suffer fools. For he judged people by their heart. And if someone was poor but their heart was true he so celebrated them. But even if someone were wealthy but of corrupt heart, boy was he quick to rebuke them.

Further, it is likely that Jesus was a tall man but rather heavier set and somewhat darker complexion than he has been classically portrayed in Western media. In short, though he was compassionate, He was no pushover.

But He was a real man. He is God’s son. He is a legend and a hero. He will return as a warrior Prince to set things right. He is everything you could ever want him to be and he is promising to save you if you accept him.

Jesus is legendary but eternal. Or if you prefer street talk: “He Da Man.”

It’s not complicated.