A Strong Delusion

And he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer

Credit: God's Name: more to it than you'd guess
Credit: God’s Name: more to it than you’d guess

Extra, Extra: One Bishop at Large

Our Lord didn’t get a mention. Instead, have confidence in the “Queen of Peace”.

Haha. For real?

Let us pray for these sisters, and for all those who have been kidnapped on account of the ongoing conflict. Let us continue to pray and to work for peace.

Then this:

All should have confidence in the Virgin Mary.

Hello. Mr Cardinal [call no man father]. What about Jesus? Remember Him? What ever happened to Jesus?

Now the Bishops of Rome [call no man father] — all of them — resemble in appearance Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Go figure? They preside over catacombs and robes and castles and flamboyance and mystique. The seem to have been getting less “musty” of late, to be sure, yet the words still blaspheme — which makes them all the deadlier.

Our God is the God of the Living.

Yeshua is Lord

Playing the Papal Card

In message to Pope, Syrian President says he’s ready for peace talks

This reminds us of the story from the Vatican Secret Archives:

A formal (bureaucratic) letter from Abraham Lincoln (President of the Union of America), in the midst of the civil war, to the Pope, dated 1863, presented his special envoy but made no mention of the bitter, deadly conflict. That same year the Pope received an informal letter from Lincoln’s rival, Jefferson Davis (President of the Confederate States of America), which vividly described the brutality of the ongoing civil war; likely intended to gain recognition from the Pope, of the Confederate State.

A few months later, Pope Pious replied to Davis addressing him as President of the Confederate State (Praesidi Foederatarum Americae Regionum), triggering a diplomatic crisis in Washington.

We wonder if Bashar al-Assad knows his US history? He certainly enjoyed his Ophthalmology training in the US.

God Bless America