Supercharge Your Life with the Supernatural

The ‘Power of God’ is no idle phrase or convenient platitude. Equally, it does not — as many think — rest in the realm of the never-never. Nope, the Power of God is all around you. And it is here. It is here now and it is waiting to be imbibed. Your body is a Temple  — a vessel for the Ruach HaKodesh. And the… Read More Supercharge Your Life with the Supernatural

Calling a Code (somebody has to)

None are fully good or fully bad. Some are mostly good and many mostly bad such that the chasm between the two is large and will be, at some point, irrevocable. And the unrighteous, quick to chase trouble, but those also quick to avoid trouble and live passively (most self-confessed Christians) will have to justify their action or inaction,… Read More Calling a Code (somebody has to)