Supercharge Your Life with the Supernatural

The ‘Power of God’ is no idle phrase or convenient platitude. Equally, it does not — as many think — rest in the realm of the never-never. Nope, the Power of God is all around you. And it is here. It is here now and it is waiting to be imbibed.

Your body is a Temple  — a vessel for the Ruach HaKodesh. And the Ruach HaKodesh is no less than the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. And that Spirit — that power of God — is a life-giving force. It literally raised the Lord from the dead.

This is not some nebulous abstractness. We speak of a full bodily resurrection, and no less. And without disrespect, this is not Brothers Grimm or Lewis Carol. This is Flesh and Blood and Spirit.

And at the risk of sounding evangelical, or fanciful, we can harness that force to uplift and to ‘supercharge’ our life. Not only can we, but we should — we must. We would be silly not too.

For we have been given that power and that authority. Through the Blood of the Lamb, we are heirs to the promise. We are spiritual Israel. Let us take hold of what is rightfully ours.

We can learn to harness the power and master the art of the power of God, just as Yehuwshuwa did. And He is our mentor. He (and only He) is our spiritual guide. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the only way to the Father.

When to take charge?

There’s no time like the present — during this latter rain. For the Lord is now pouring His Spirit upon the earth. In fact, there’s no time to lose!

Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.

It is simple but it is not easy. It takes practice. And it takes patience and perseverance. But it is possible. And this gift is open to everyone, to you and to me. All we have to do is be willing to accept and follow the Spirit, and leave our old life of sin — that old man — behind.

And it all starts with thanksgiving and forgiveness.

How to take charge?

  1. Seek first the Kingdom: Start by cleaning out the Temple. Humble yourself before God. How? Make an about turn. That is, turn from your ways to God’s ways. This involves genuine repentance of sin, acknowledging God’s ways are higher, and allowing Yehuwhsuwa (Jesus) to be Lord over your life. It also involves plugging in to the Word of God AND putting it into practice. Add to this any lifestyle change that needs to be made.
  2. Nurture and strengthen in the Spirit: The Holy Spirit is in you, all you need to do is to learn to hear it and obey it. Obedience (to the Holy Spirit) is strength, and strength is power. Praying activates the Holy Spirit, releasing it to work in and through your life. Develop a daily prayer ritual, and stick to it. Start by making prayer the very first part of your day, meditating on the Word and spending time with God. And start every prayer with praise for the Lord! Better still, pray constantly. And use the power of prayer to literally cast out any demons and cast down any strongholds in your life that are holding you down or holding you back, no matter what that may be. Ask for it in His name, and believe it. Persistence pays in getting (and keeping) the enemy behind you.
  3. Test every Spirit: to confirm that it is the Holy Spirit leading you and not some other force. (Ultimately, you can recognise the true Spirit because it always leads you to create good fruit in your life.) If you’re still unsure, ask someone who is born-again to witness to you and find a Spirit-filled, Bible-reading and practicing congregation to attend regularly.
  4. Attend prayer meetings (they are supercharged with the Spirit): and ask the Lord to fill you with His Spirit and to help you to harness that Spirit to do His will in your life.
  5. Chop and prune: Cut out the dead wood and, as you gain strength, prune the other branches. Cut out those things in your life that are not productive and not going anywhere or simply holding you back. These things may be attitudes, behaviours, things, and even people. Watch what and whom gets in your ear and in your sight. Again, let the Holy Spirit be your guide.
  6. Heed the Spirit: learn to hear from the Holy Spirit as it speaks to you through other circumstances, world events, and other people. Those who have ears let them hear. Walk in a spirit of humility, forgiveness, and thanksgiving.
  7. Keep God’s appointments: see the Feasts of Yahuwah

Repeat steps 1 through to 6. Persevere and be patient, making changes as the Spirit guides you. And don’t look back!

Don’t just take charge of your life. Supercharge your life.

— ♣ —

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El Shaddai: Jacob’s Ladder, Israel’s Messiah

As a rule, I avoid all things esoteric. But, (and here’s the but) …

The video below is by Messianic Rabbi Shapira. While it appears to delve heavily into Rabbinical lore and even Kabbalah, the Spirit of the Lord is upon me and has told me to share this. That does not mean that the video is 100% correct nor that, as a rule, Kabbalah is ok. Rather, I believe the Spirit is showing me that there is something extremely valuable here for instruction.

Israel’s ultimate redeemer will be like Moses — mediator between heaven and earth — only better. Whereas Israel’s first redeemer was half man and half God, Israel’s final redeemer will be (is) all man and all God. And this mediator’s intercessory prayer controls Jacob’s Ladder, gateway for angelic access to earth and Israel’s access to heaven*. When all Israel yearns for the Messiah to come, crying out “Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord”,  His prayer (of tears) will lower that ladder.

– ♣ –


∗ “And he saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.” —John 1:51

Featured Image

Landscape with the Dream of Jacob, Michael Lukas Leopold Willmann [Wikimedia Commons]

Calling a Code (somebody has to)

None are fully good or fully bad. Some are mostly good and many mostly bad such that the chasm between the two is large and will be, at some point, irrevocable. And the unrighteous, quick to chase trouble, but those also quick to avoid trouble and live passively (most self-confessed Christians) will have to justify their action or inaction, respectively.

No one is ready to “put a date” on all things spiritual. But Yahuwshuwa said we are not to be caught unaware. The day will come “like a thief in the night” to those who do not watch, but to the real faithful the day will be apparent. It will be clear. It will be recognisable before time. And if a site claims to not being a date setter, then know that that site is not of the spirit.

In lieu of any misunderstanding, frailties in judgement, passivities, proclivities, and “benign” interpretations, let me be clear: the Tribulation has started. Yes, that Tribulation. It has begun. And of that tribulation, all are accountable.

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble is upon us. Time is up.

We have a disease — a condition — and we need a fix. Stat

And the only fix is de-tribulation.

Am I going too fast? There’s no time to waist: listen up. I’ll spell this out only once. Those with ears let them hear

code blue

Image by Heather Wizell at Flickr [Creative Commons 2.0]

(The video may be a drill but this post is not a drill.)

What is the situation?

  1. Triage Category: Immediate Resuscitation — it’s now or never
  2. Condition: Critical — this is do or die
  3. Cause: Tribulation — this is a disease of the heart


What is the appropriate response for a spiritual “Code-Blue” situation?

An immediate triple-response is necessary as a life-saving manoeuvre:

  1. REPENTANCE: sackcloth and ashes — this is the spiritual defibrillator, to return cardiac rhythm to normal. It is an emergent life-saving act.
  2. FASTING: “NPO” (Nil per oral) — physical sustenance is temporarily abandoned in favour of spiritual resuscitation (manna from heaven).
  3. PRAYER & SUPPLICATION: this is spiritual adrenaline and external pacing, a stop-gap measure to bridge the gap of the transformation from a sick heart to one that can maintain a life-sustaining rhythm.



Code Blue. Code Blue. This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill.

But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

[“Saint Peter Repentant“, Goya (1823-25). Image as per User:Jacek Rossakiewicz, Wikimedia Commons]

Ed: Unrighteousness is anything — thought or word (written or spoken) or action — that is inappropriate, misses the mark, wilfully provokes another to anger, and anything that arises from wanton fleshly desire (the lusts of a diseased heart).