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Partisanship: Is politics your religion?

There’s nothing wrong with politics. There’s nothing wrong with religion. Nor is there anything wrong with mixing the two. When partisan politics is your religion, however, things have likely gone too far. This is the sorry state of much of mankind across the globe at the moment.politics-religion-orientation-occupation-why-cant-we-just-judge-people-by-the-kind-of-car-they-drive-6efce

Most of what we see, hear, and read (including that which is in the media) has a political flavour to it — some inherent bias. After all, journalists are people too.

Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!

It is a great achievement—a great spiritual victory—for an individual to extricate themselves from every last part of their own bias.

And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Beyond that, however, we deal with mortals: and their shortcomings. The reader, viewer, or listener, must constantly be making allowance for that, accordingly, when interpreting information and the way it is being presented.


For instance, The Spectator is a mainstream right-wing magazine from the United Kingdom. Democracy Now, on the other hand, is an independent (read alternative) left-leaning news program based in the United States. And Press TV, well that’s a state-sponsored news agency from Iran.

Variations may also exist between individuals within the one organisation. The three sites mentioned (above) are not singled out for criticism, rather that it be self-referential that you may (or may not) make allowances as you may (or may not) see fit. That goes for all information that is sourced.

Notwithstanding, true believers, followers, and doers, need have no bias.


Putting all the pieces together, from various sources, making requisite allowance, imbues us with a picture of the totality of a situation. Circumstances are complicated because people and relationships are complex—multifaceted and multidimensional— dependencies, independencies, and interdependencies. We all have them. And we have them all, to a degree.


People are passionate about politics because politics—despite the inherent danger of being so—has become their religion. Perhaps that has always been the case. But never has it been so globally instant, so mimetically viral. Politics is exalted above all else.†  The web, of course, could instead be used to exalt the creator above all. After which, indeed, there should be no reason that religion and politics cannot mix. But until mankind enters that new paradigm of virtuous living, we shall have to continue to make allowance for the information that feeds us.



† [Ed: perhaps that is why we must have this great Tribulation].

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Credit: God's Name: more to it than you'd guess
Credit: God’s Name: more to it than you’d guess