A Recap on Terror

Imprisoned for failing to bribe a police officer for unlicensed selling — a common and oft overlooked misdemeanour — a Tunisian street vendor suffers the ignominy of a slap to the face from a female prison officer. On release from prison, he self-immolates. Subsequent tensions spill over to the streets of Tunis and from there to Tripoli, Cairo, and Damascus.

The year is 2011. Welcome to the Arab Spring.

A proxy-war in the Levant, centred on Syria and northern Iraq and fed by Islamic arch-rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia, allows the ascendency of a predominantly Western-trained Al-Qaida offshoot rebel group that call themselves the Islamic State. The West’s response is lukewarm until a Russian dalliance in Syria invites a more formidable American rejoinder from a new Washington administration.

A ramshackle Syria has half its population displaced or dead. Libya is a failed state. Iraq is a quagmire of Quds forces and Shiite Iraqi soldiers, Kurdistan Peshmerga, and Turkish troops, combined in their opposition to the Islamic State and other rebel Sunni loyalists.

Turmoil in the Middle East spurns a giant wave of migration through Turkey but also across the Mediterranean — were 5,000 people drown each year in an attempt at this crossing.

Despite arguments that attempt to exonerate this crisis, Europe suffers a spate of terror attacks* — mainly in France and Germany, but now also Manchester, England. Since 2015, 313 people have been killed in terror in 13 separate incidents across major European cities.

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Where to from here?

It’s all glum as far as the eye can see; up to, and beyond, a September start to the Tribulation.



*The terror attacks coincide with the European Immigration Crisis. They started in France with the killing of 12 people in the Charlie Hebdo attack in January of 2015 and then a mass-murder of 130 people in Paris later that year. This was followed in March (2016) by the Brussels bombings were 32 people were killed, before returning to France for the Nice terror attack in July were another 84 people lost their lives. Berlin and Munich combined suffered 12 fatalities in a July terror attack of 2016. Then we went back to France for the Normandy church attack later that month. Another 12 people were killed in the Berlin Christmas market attack. Early this year we had the Louvre knife attack followed by the Westminster attack, in which 4 people were killed. April saw 4 people killed in Stockholm and a policeman was shot dead later that month in Paris. Three days ago, 22 people were killed in the Manchester terror attack.


Terror attacks timeline: From Paris and Brussels terror to most recent attacks in Europe, Alice Foster – Express, May 24, 2017

A Wonder in Heaven portends a Tumult on Earth

The Great tribulation may be closer than you think

Revelation 12 is generally accepted† to be describing a mid-tribulation event.

It begins like so:

12 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

John the apostle, while on the island of Patmos some 2000 years ago, is shown a vision by an angel. It may well be represented like so:


This is, in fact, a representation of the constellation of the night sky 2000 years into John’s future.  It is, perhaps, one of the signs of the “things that shall be”, spoken of by Yeshua. And it is given to the End-Times’ watchmen as a sign of the times. The significance of this warning is not lost on John, although he may not understand all its implications: Jesus via an angel via John is here giving us a ‘heads-up’ on the date, and also the circumstance, of a period of the End Times known as mid-tribulation.


Stellarium representation of the night sky for September 23, 2017 [Image: September 2015.com]

Here is the “crown of 12 stars” that John sees, and the woman clothed with the sun …. and with the moon at her feet, no less. As for Jupiter, He is “in” her pelvis:


September 23, 2017: Feast of Yom Teruah or Rosh Hashanah [Image: Unsealed]

The Apostle continues to write what he is shown:

And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

Jupiter, then undergoes a series of retrograde motions ‘within’ the body of Virgo. This ‘to-and-fro’ movement of Jupiter (with respect to the earth)  lasts 44 weeks — the period of a human gestation. The Apostle marvels at this never-before witnessed event. This very event, shown to the Apostle John by an angel sent by Yeshua 2000 years ago, is to be plastered on the September 2017 night-sky. And, … it falls on the Feast of Yom Teruah—one of the Almighty’s appointed times.

Here is the image with descriptive overlay:

YOM TERUAH (also known as Rosh Hashanah) is the “Day of Shouting” or the “Day of the Blowing of the Trumpet”, and—by virtue of it being the only feast day to fall on a new moon—became known as “The Feast In Which No Man Knoweth the Day or the Hour.” That phrase was a Hebraic idiom for the combined first and second days of the new moon in the month of Tishri, because the new moon had to be declared by the (naked eye) site of two witnesses (yet another idiomatic expression). This left some ambiguity, of between 12 and 36 hours, for the new moon to “arrive”. To allow adequate time for preparations each year, the Jewish Sanhedrin would mark down both days for celebration ahead of time—and pragmatically refer to it as “one long day”. Jesus is [Mat 24:36; Mar 13:32] giving a veiled reference to the exact date (not an exact reference to a veiled date) so that only End-Time believers would understand, and non-believers would be obfuscated.

And it is a mid-tribulation sign.

And the tribulation is said to be 7-years long.

Now you do the math …

Note Daniel’s “Seventieth Week”, which represents the 7-year tribulation, to the far right. [Images by Clarence Larkin are in the Public Domain]


Daniel’s 70th Week, up close and personal.

And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth:


John here appears to be describing an event that will occur on the following Yom Teruah — i.e. September 10, 2018 — which seemingly portends, on one level, to the casting out of Satan (the dragon) from heaven and with him the fallen angels. At an atmospheric level, it may predict a meteor storm or an intense meteor shower. And at an earthly level it may portend other tensions and trials, well apart from the celestial events that will directly impact the earth. The heavenly (celestial) events portend earthly events, because the metaphysical (the unseen) impacts upon the physical (the seen). This is how heaven and earth are connected. [Or if you prefer it in scientific terms, energy cannot be created or destroyed.]

If you think the world’s already lost its mind, watch a year from now when the real show (3 ½ years of Great Tribulation) starts.



Click here to see how to be saved. If you are already saved, be of good cheer and help win the lost and labour for the harvest.

  • Some refer to the 3.5 years of Great Tribulation as simply the tribulation, which could be a source of confusion for others.
  • †There is a similar wonder that occurred in 2 BC, at the actual time of Messiah’s birth, that preterists like to argue is the ultimate fulfillment of this event. Rather, it was a foreshadowing of the End of Days event that is very soon coming.

[Ed: For the record, I downloaded Stellarium (it’s free). I punched in September 23, 2017, using Jerusalem as my vantage point, and got the same representation. You can try for yourself. The following video takes you through how to do it.]


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Calling a Code (somebody has to)

None are fully good or fully bad. Some are mostly good and many mostly bad such that the chasm between the two is large and will be, at some point, irrevocable. And the unrighteous, quick to chase trouble, but those also quick to avoid trouble and live passively (most self-confessed Christians) will have to justify their action or inaction, respectively.

No one is ready to “put a date” on all things spiritual. But Yahuwshuwa said we are not to be caught unaware. The day will come “like a thief in the night” to those who do not watch, but to the real faithful the day will be apparent. It will be clear. It will be recognisable before time. And if a site claims to not being a date setter, then know that that site is not of the spirit.

In lieu of any misunderstanding, frailties in judgement, passivities, proclivities, and “benign” interpretations, let me be clear: the Tribulation has started. Yes, that Tribulation. It has begun. And of that tribulation, all are accountable.

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble is upon us. Time is up.

We have a disease — a condition — and we need a fix. Stat

And the only fix is de-tribulation.

Am I going too fast? There’s no time to waist: listen up. I’ll spell this out only once. Those with ears let them hear

code blue

Image by Heather Wizell at Flickr [Creative Commons 2.0]

(The video may be a drill but this post is not a drill.)

What is the situation?

  1. Triage Category: Immediate Resuscitation — it’s now or never
  2. Condition: Critical — this is do or die
  3. Cause: Tribulation — this is a disease of the heart


What is the appropriate response for a spiritual “Code-Blue” situation?

An immediate triple-response is necessary as a life-saving manoeuvre:

  1. REPENTANCE: sackcloth and ashes — this is the spiritual defibrillator, to return cardiac rhythm to normal. It is an emergent life-saving act.
  2. FASTING: “NPO” (Nil per oral) — physical sustenance is temporarily abandoned in favour of spiritual resuscitation (manna from heaven).
  3. PRAYER & SUPPLICATION: this is spiritual adrenaline and external pacing, a stop-gap measure to bridge the gap of the transformation from a sick heart to one that can maintain a life-sustaining rhythm.



Code Blue. Code Blue. This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill.

But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

[“Saint Peter Repentant“, Goya (1823-25). Image as per User:Jacek Rossakiewicz, Wikimedia Commons]

Ed: Unrighteousness is anything — thought or word (written or spoken) or action — that is inappropriate, misses the mark, wilfully provokes another to anger, and anything that arises from wanton fleshly desire (the lusts of a diseased heart).




And there Appeared a Great Wonder in Heaven

Credit: Coercion Code -

This sign is thought to occur in the midst of Daniel’s 70th week (of years). Subtracting 3.5 years from 23 September 2017 brings us to April 2014. Since April, the Pope has visited the Middle East, soon after which the current Gaza conflict erupted.

Consider these:

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