In Jesus’ Name

In Jesus’ name: Stop me if this doesn’t make sense.

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the one true God. From their lineage, a descendant of King David named Jesus reinforced this message in words and deeds. This man was and is the anointed one – that is to say he is the Godly-appointed Messiah for man.

With time, be it gradually and inadvertently or knowingly and flagrantly, man deviates from this message. And when man deviates from the Word of God, death and destruction follow. The Israelites of the Bible were a living testament to that.

And nothing has changed: for Israel or for the world at large.

The message is clear and simple. It is plain as day. It is not difficult or dreary.

Just accept the Word. Just accept Jesus as your Messiah.

And that’s it. It’s not complicated.

Now go ye forth and walk in that Word.

In Jesus’ name.


Every Little Step

There are not that many choices, or paths, in life. Actually, there are two only. Everything we do is either of the Word, or of the world. Everything.

That means we have a choice with every thought, action, and with every deed. Will it be Christ-centred and manifestly praise The Lord, or will it be world derived and be a step away from The Lord into the realm of idol worship?

The most important question then is always: What is our next step going to be?

It was with this mind that I tell of this lady I saw today:

She has advanced-stage cervical cancer.

She is 40 years old.

She will be lucky to see Christmas.

And then I thought about that. As I thought about her, I thought about Christmas and what it represents.

No. I don’t mean the holiday and gifts. But equally, neither am I talking about what we think it represents — namely the birth of our Lord. For plainly, Christmas is neither of these.

Rather, consider the utterly pagan and filthy, alcohol-fuelled binge of sexual gratification, rape, sacrifice and murder of its Saturnalia origins, imported by the 4th century church in a gratuitous attempt at converting and gaining large numbers of followers.

The precursor to our modern carolling, apparently, was the singing naked in the streets during the week of Saturnalia (17-25 December).