Age of Grace

The Dispensation of the Church, the Time of the Gentiles, and the Age of Grace are various phrases used to describe one and the same period — a time of Ruach HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit) moving among Gentiles before returning to Jerusalem to enter into the faithful Jew.

That time of probation (for the Gentile) is almost up. Hence the call that we are at the Time of the End: the ‘End Times’. This is the time preceding and inclusive of a period of Great Tribulation such as there has never been before (and which may have already begun), followed immediately by the Second Advent.

And this in turn will be followed by the Millennial Reign (of Christ) after which the earth, as we know it, will pass away in a universal fiery furnace for a new-earth, and new-heaven, phase to begin.

The hour is late, and your redemption is nigh! (If you are saved, that is). And if you are not saved? … Best not go there. Get saved HERE, before it’s too late.

You are Here: Perspective, a wonderful thing

The History of Man over Two Millennia — Timeline of Christianity

  • 27 AD Yahushah baptised
  • 30 AD Crucifixion
  • 34 AD Paul’s first visit to Jerusalem (missionary work begins 45 AD)
  • 43 AD London established by the Romans
  • 64 AD Great Fire destroys most of Rome
  • 70 AD Gospel of Matthew
  • 75 AD Gospel of Luke
  • 79 AD Mount Vesuvius erupts
  • 80 AD Roman Colosseum completed
  • 95 AD Gospel of John and Revelation
  • 126 AD Roman Pantheon
  • 250 AD Decius persecutes Christians
  • 286 AD Roman Empire divided by Diocletian (persecutes Christians in 303 AD)
  • 306 AD Constantine I (the Great) becomes Emperor of Rome in the East
  • 308 AD Maxentius becomes Emperor of Rome in the West
  • 312 AD Maxentius killed in the Battle of Milvian Bridge by Constantine
  • 313 AD Edict of Milan (Toleration)
  • 324 AD East and West kingdoms (of Rome) reunited by Constantine
  • 330 AD Constantinople the new capital of the kingdom
  • 337 AD Constantine baptised on his deathbed
  • 391 AD Christianity official religion of Roman Empire
  • 410 AD Rome sacked by Goths
  • 428 AD St. Patrick begins missionary work in Ireland
  • 590 AD Pope Gregory the Great
  • 610 AD Vision of Muhammad
  • 624 AD Aisha and Muhammad are married
  • 625 AD Muhammad starts dictation of Koran
  • 632 AD Death of Muhammad
  • 832 AD City of Baghdad established and rises to prominence as city of learning
  • 843 AD Treaty of Verdun divides Frankish Empire into three
  • 844 AD Picts defeated and Scotland united
  • 850 A.D Muslim scholars compile medical writings of Greece, Rome, Persia, India
  • 861 AD Iceland discovered by Vikings
  • 1082 King Henry IV troops storm Rome
  • 1085 AD Moors lose Toledo to Alfonso VI
  • 1088 AD Pope Urban II
  • 1098 AD Crusaders defeat the Saracens at Antioch
  • 1099 AD Crusaders take Jerusalem
  • 1108 AD Louis VI new king of France
  • 1111 AD Henry V Holy Roman Emperor
  • 1139 AD Alfonso first king of Portugal
  • 1145 AD Second Crusade begins
  • 1174 AD Syria conquered by Saladin
  • 1177 AD Saladin is defeated by Baldwin IV at Montgisard
  • 1180 AD Truce between Saladin and Baldwin IV
  • 1182 AD Jews banished from France by Philip II
  • 1297 AD William Wallace defeats English in Battle of Stirling Bridge
  • 1300 AD Wenceslas II new king of Poland
  • 1328 AD Philip VI king of France
  • 1368 AD Ming dynasty formed in China
  • 1412 AD Jeanne d’Arc born
  • 1413 AD Henry V King of England
  • 1422 AD Death of Henry V (England) and Charles VI (France)
  • 1453 AD Hundred Years War ends
  • 1458 AD Athens taken by Ottomans
  • 1590 AD First flushing toilet invented by John Harrington
  • 1609 AD Galileo Galilee first observations of stars with a telescope
  • 1610 AD The theory of relative motion by Galileo
  • 1618 AD Start of Thirty Years’ War initiated by the Defenstration of Prague
  • 1621 AD Philip IV King of Spain
  • 1648 AD Treaty of Westphalia signed, ending Thirty Years’ War
  • 1665 AD Plague sweeps over London
  • 1687 AD Sir Isaac Newton theory of gravity and the three laws of motion
  • 1696 AD Peter the Great is sole ruler of Russia
  • 1703 AD Peter the Great founds St Petersburg
  • 1725 AD Peter the Great dies
  • 1791 AD Thomas Paine’s The Rights of Man published
  • 1803 AD Britain and France start warring; The Louisiana Purchase
  • 1807 AD Slave trade abolished in Britain
  • 1812 AD United States and Britain start warring
  • 1815 AD Battle of Waterloo, Treaty of Vienna
  • 1835 AD Texas independence claim from Mexico (Texas Revolution)
  • 1853 AD Crimean War begins (ends in 1856 AD)
  • 1867 AD U.S. purchases Alaska from Russia
  • 1868 AD DNA is discovered.
  • 1901 AD Queen Victoria dies
  • 1903 AD Wright Brothers make first powered flight
  • 1905 AD Albert Einstein publishes theory of special relativity
  • 1914 AD Start World War I
  • 1916 AD Albert Einstein publishes theory of general relativity
  • 1917 AD Scientific principles of the laser defined by Einstein
  • 1918 AD World War I ends
  • 1920 AD First public broadcasting station opened (Britain)
  • 1927 AD Charles Lindbergh, first solo flight across Atlantic; Big Bang theory
  • 1928 AD Penicillin discovered accidentally by Alexander Fleming
  • 1929 AD NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) crashes
  • 1936 AD Start of the Spanish Civil War.
  • 1939 AD Start World War II, The Spanish Civil War ends
  • 1945 AD World War II ends
  • 1949 AD Communists lead by Mao Zedong come to power in China
  • 1965 AD Vietnam War begins
  • 1961 AD The Berlin Wall is built, divides Germany
  • 1963 AD John F. Kennedy assassinated
  • 1967 AD USA, Great Britain, Soviet Union treaty banning nuclear weapons in space
  • 1973 AD The Vietnam War ends
  • 1979 AD Margaret Thatcher is elected the first woman prime minister of England
  • 1980 AD Iran-Iraq war begins (until 1988)
  • 1989 AD Berlin Wall torn down and communist rule ends in East Germany
  • 1991 AD Soviet Union collapses

Church History Foretold in the Seven Churches

Summarising the two-thousand year gap between Daniel’s 69th and 70th weeks

The Seven Church Ages

After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter …

Follow, with St. John the Apostle, that first voice up to heaven for a bird’s-eye view of the Mid-Tribulation

Featured Image: Paul Writing His Epistles, painting attributed to Valentin de Boulogne, 17th century [Wikimedia Commons]


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