Mark of the Beast

“The Lord knows those who are his” — 2 Timothy 2:19

First and foremost, those who are saved, those written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, will have the Seal of the Almighty—the Seal of the Holy Spirit—in our foreheads (our minds — see Rev 7:3; 9:4). But there will also likely be a tangible physical fulfillment to this prophecy.

Some say it will come in the guise of an RFID chip that can be inserted into the right hand or forearm of the individual. This has led to further speculation that the limited demonic locust attack of Revelation 9:3-4 may be referring to the effect, on the unsuspecting wearer of said chip, of an electromagnetic pulse event — either natural, from a solar flare, or triggered by the detonation of a nuclear device beyond our atmosphere.

Others have said that the mark — indeed the “number of his name” — is a reference to the bismillah: that three textual characters which John saw, and that he naturally assumed to be the Greek letters Chi, Xi, and Stigma (which add up to 666)  where in fact characters of Arabic script that are used as an identifier of Islam. The mark, in this sense, is more obvious in that it represents an allegiance to Islam, which may be enforced under the potential imposition of Sharia Law by lesser or larger non-state and state actors.

[Ed: While I find the bismillah explanation compelling, I think the safest option is not to have any electromagnetic identification devices implanted into your personhood. Period.]

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